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Mistress Annabel: Rubber Mistress at work using the new Serious Kit pulsating vacuum suit with Serious Kit milker | Photograph by Peter Felix Kurtz | June 2014

Mistress Annabel: Rubber Mistress at work using the Serious Kit pulsating vacuum suit with Serious Kit milker.
Photograph by Peter Felix Kurtz | June 2016

Rubber Bondage in London

Mistress Annabel is an arch rubber bondage Mistress based in Central London. The largest collection of any Mistress in the UK awaits you. Layer upon layer of skin-tight latex rubber can capture you in exquisite rubber bondage and allow Mistress, at will, to take control of all your bodily functions. Breath-control with an amazing array of aromas (many unseen outside the studio of Mistress Annabel) will take you mind and body to another rubber fetish universe.

Long-term bondage and encasement scenarios in total enclosure will bring the rubber sub to an esoteric state, when nothing else matters! Mummification and advanced multi-layer rubber treatments are a precursor to a wonderland of erotic and bizarre treatments. Imagine your body trapped and vulnerable through the use of inflatable and deflatable rubber rubber; body-bags, straitjackets, inflatable sacks and vacuum beds!

Imagine adrenaline pumping, mind racing, taking you deeper into an introspective journey rich with sensation and mood. At this very moment, Mistress Annabel rubber Queen may prescribe further severity of encasement or sensory depravation or even the application of erotic pain, should your limits allow. This will (guaranteed) bring you into a state of deep sub-space and you will feel as helpless as the day you were born. How entirely delicious! Rubber overload and rubber bondage with many innovations and bespoke equipment unseen elsewhere. Are you ready to become Mistress Annabel's perfect bondage toy?

Are you ready to breath deeply for me? Are you ready for Mistress to electrify all your secret places? Perhaps you yearn and desire for this London Mistress to use her vast array of inflatable hoods, gasmasks, respirators, or rubber rebreathers to give you a real rubber head-trip.

Bondage can make you feel a whole range of emotions, from vulnerable to excited to helpless, to deeply relaxed, or indeed, bring on a sensation of complete helplessness. Mistress can encase you in up to six layers of rubber, including inflatables and deflatable, in order to add to your restrictions, vulnerability, and excitement at being under the spell of a complete rubber goddess.

Total control is so easy via catheterisation, electro-therapy, sensory deprivation, and breath control. Let Me take you to a mind-scape you have never known before. you will become My toy, My plaything, and in that moment of total submission and surrender, you will feel utterly immaculate...

Mistress has absolutely every type of restrictive rubber device in all sizes, guaranteed to fit you in sizes XS to XXXXL. You need never bring anything with you.


Ballet splints and suspension add an extra dimention to any rubber bondage scene,
at London Rubber Studio with Mistress Annabel.


Classical predicament bondage is undertaken with skill and perversity at London Rubber Studio.


Rubber restriction par excellance in My London rubber studio
Photograph: Peter Felix Kurtz | | August 2013