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90% of these images have been taken at Mistress Annabel's London Rubber Studio. All of the clothing and equipment shown belongs to Mistress Annabel, apart from one or two rare photographs. Most of the rubber attire that can be worn by both yourself and Mistress during your rubber session, at Mistress Annabel's discretion. No other Mistress in the UK has the wealth of equipment or the range of rubber-wear in all sizes for both male and female visitors.

Are you in need of some longterm rubber addiction training or do you secretly crave total control by a beautiful rubber clad woman?! For all types of rubber dreams and bizarre fantasies, from mild to extreme, contact Mistress Annabel: Rubber Mistress par excellence, for fantasies and therapies beyond your wildest expectations.

Apply via the online questionnaire or for emergency last-minute/same-day treatment, please telephone

+44 (0)7961 555 085