The Fettered Maze has recently been completed at Mistress Annabel's London Studio. This completely unusual and retinally exciting space has been created with bondage and isolation scenarios in mind and to explore the beauty of extended sessions lasting anywhere between two hours and three days.

This stunning new playspace will open the doors to your most private erotic thoughts and desires, revolving around restriction, control, and intrusion of both your body and mind. Trapped in a maze-like space, Mistress can if she desires, take away all of your senses one by one for her perverse pleasure. Conversely, the circular mirror that dominates the ceiling space allows both couples and single players to view their predicament and treatments, creating some beautifully bizarre and erotic memories.

Opulent and rare. You will be hidden from the glare of the outside world and mundanities of modern life, whilst encaptured in this truly precious space.

Encased, trapped, rubberised, filled with lust at the journey before you, Mistress Annabel will decree the treatments and perversions afforded to you. Once you have entered this warm dark place, only lust and submission will remain, your eyes adjusting to the changes min lighting and retinal experiences: such at the Novapro 100 will propel your sense of touch (tactioception) to new heights, the high voltage sensation of one of Mistress's fingernails against your skin or nipples, or the caressing of your face and lips with her rubber-clad fingers, will bring a whole myriad of feelings and emotions to the fore.

Imagine a space with a Mistress who has worked to bring and afforded no expense on both equipment and toys on offer, and the wealth of possibility afforded to those keep to explore their fetishistic fantasies and dreams, all under Mistress Annabel's watchful gaze. During the time that you spend in Mistress Annabel's London Studio, nothing else will matter to you, you will become totally sheer, Mistress Annabel will be able to see right through to your soul. You will feel immaculate in the moment of total powerless surrender! Both bondage, suspension, and softer forms of play, with voyeurs in mind, can easily be explored with the stunning use of mirrors and mood lighting.

There are many arcane and complex cerebral games and sensational erotic pleasures that Mistress can bequeath you or deny you within this extraordinary space. The finest of German Kink Engineering will compete with the chrome of the bondage tentacles and the intoxicating smell of new heavy rubber in dark metallic shades to appropriate all of your senses and ignite your kinky imagination!

Appointments at The Fettered Maze are especially exciting for those that wish to enjoy the voyeuristic pleasure of this futuristic playspace. Both single players (ie those interested in long-term bondage and complete rubber encasement and isolation) and kink-hungry couples will find this space and the attention to detail truly mind-blowing! this addition to the London rubber studio means there are now three rooms for you live out your submissive and fetishistic dreams. Both mild and hardcore fantasies can be undertaken by Mistress Annabel with both skill and integrity. Much of the equipment is innovative and bespoke from some of the world's finest fetish and BDSM equipment makers. Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?

Meetings are subject to complete discretion and application is either via telephone or the online questionnaire. Please note deposits maybe required for a meeting at this unique space, especially for appointments lasting more than one and a half hours.

Telephone: 07961 555 085 | +44 7961 555 085
Email: creative_intelligentsia@hushmail.com